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Have you ever had real, authentic Kansas City barbecue? The kind where the meat falls of the bone and the sauce is on the side? Where you can enjoy the smoked meat of your choice with as much or as little sauce as you please?

Let us introduce you the Kansas City style barbecue made famous by my hometown. Better yet, let us introduce you aswell as your family, friends and guests.

KC Deez BBQ is a specialty catering company, food truck and restaurant. We do Kansas City barbecue the way it’s supposed to be done. Nice and slow. My name is Demetrius (De) Davis and I've been smoking meat like only KC knows how for over 40 years. I've developed my own signature sauce and rubs that you will most definitely keep coming back to enjoy.

***My grandparents moved from Nashville to Kansas City in the 1930s. With BBQ in my DNA, I've got a Kansas City heart and a Tennessee soul.***

Although we keep a simple menu on the truck and in our physical location, we will be more than happy to expand it to fit your needs when it comes to catering orders. 

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